Neutral Zone Job Description:

Position: Music Coordinator
Department: Programs
Reports to: Program Director
Hours/Week: 40 hours weekly, flexible, focused on after school hours
Appointment: Exempt

Position Summary: The Neutral Zone is a youth-driven teen center dedicated to promoting personal growth through artistic expression, community leadership and the exchange of ideas. Our programs are based on positive youth development practices, with an emphasis on radical inclusivity and youth-driven leadership.

Essential Functions: The Music Coordinator supports coordination and oversight of Neutral Zone’s music programs, builds resources and partnerships, and works directly with teens in 2-3 programs.

Programs < 60% of time> – Responsible for a number of duties related to program design, implementation and evaluation including:

  • Supervise all the music programs; work directly with 2-3 programs.

    • Support youth facilitators and advisors to develop high quality programs.

    • Support program evaluation and documentation of music programs.

    • Support special youth driven projects/events related to teen and organizational interests.

    • Use youth driven practices to develop programs.

  • Coordinate partnerships and engage youth in the Music Youth Development Alliance, connecting them to monthly calls, and annual travel experiences.

  • Build strong interpersonal relationships with teens in the Center, especially in drop-in and other program times.

Community Outreach < 20% of time> – Responsible for a number of duties in teen recruitment and outreach, developing & maintaining community partnerships, marketing & public relations, and working with volunteers including:

  • Respond to music program related inquiry from the community.

  • Build and support organizational partnerships.

  • Lead outreach for participants with schools and the community.

  • Lead marketing efforts of music programs including creating posters, flyers,webpage updates, and press releases.

  • Onboard and direct volunteers related to music programs.

Administration: 15% of time> – Responsible for a number of administrative duties and organizational responsibilities, including:

  • Participate in weekly program staff meetings to support overall program operations.

  • Manage hourly music staff program advisors workflow within the organization.

    • Support the marketing, branding and outreach of The Orpheum and The B-Side.

    • Oversee the technical resources of the B-Side venue and The Orpheum Studio.

    • Strategically plan resource development for the NZ Music Department by identifying needs with music staff and then writing grants/ seeking funding.

    • Lead monthly music staff meetings.

Fund Development and Finance: < 5% of time> – Responsible for supporting fundraising in partnership with Program Director through:

  • Support grant writing and reporting.

  • Support and plan program related fundraiser events

  • Work with the Program Director to develop the annual music program budget.

  • Coordinate in-kind donations from community members that support the music programs.

  • Strategize new funding opportunities.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Required

  • Bachelors Degree

  • Min 2 years working as a community musician; a current musical practice

  • Experience with diverse populations.

  • Experience working with youth, in youth program design and community partnership collaborations.

  • Strong communication skills, including public speaking, writing and marketing material creation.

  • Ability to fulfill professional responsibilities involved in managing part time staff.

  • Knowledge of youth development practices or willingness to learn.

• Desired

  • Working proficiency in any music (Logic, Ableton, Protools or other), or any graphic design software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign or other).

  • Knowledge of basic music theory and function of instruments in song.

  • Knowledge of the local music scene, and strong existing relationships with Michigan musicians, music industry professionals and organizations.

  • Knowledge of modern music industry practices including the functions of booking and promoting events, recording studio work, record label publishing, and modern music performance best practices.

Neutral Zone is proud of our diverse teen participants, volunteers, Board of Directors, and staff and our commitment to being representative of our community.

We do not discriminate on basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin or descent, gender expression or identity, age, condition of pregnancy, marital status, disability, source of income, family responsibility height, weight, or sexual orientation regarding employment and program offerings.

All interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter by June 3rd, 2019 to Suzie Staley, Program Director at


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