Orpheum Studio Supervisor
Part Time: 15-20 hrs/ wk
$13-14/ hour based on experience.
Reports to the Music Programs Manager and the Program Director.

Job Description: Support the mission of the organization to provide music technology education programs based on a model of positive youth development practice, with an emphasis on diversity, restorative practice, and youth-driven leadership.
Play a key role in the development and maintenance of industry standard pro audio gear to meet the needs of our programs.
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-8pm plus flexible hours to develop program curriculum and technology resources.
Weekly program staff meetings are Tuesdays at 1pm, attendance in person or by video call is high priority. Monthly staff training meetings on the first Wednesday of each month are also a priority if staff is available.

Songwriting Workshop Advisor 3-5 hrs/ week including program meetings: Tuesdays 4-6pm and preparation time. Help guide and shape the creative experience of beginner and intermediate songwriters with use of instruments and music production software. Knowledge of common chordal structures for Pop , R & B, and Country are important. Capacity to share knowledge of current music industry updates and changes regarding songwriting community is a plus. Relevancy to mainstream music/ top 40’s important to dynamics of songwriting for today’s music.

Audio Technique Workshop Advisor 3-5 hrs/week including program meetings on Thursday 4-6pm and preparation time. Create an engaging, comfortable hands on learning environment for teens to learn the basics of audio engineering and studio recording. Program meetings in The Orpheum offer opportunity to teach by recording; everything from mic placement, signal flow and post capture production using Pro Tools 12 and Logic X.

Open Studio Hours 4-6 hrs/week including regular hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm Host recording time for teens who are a part of the NZ music programs to capture their projects. Develop coaching relationships about technique and content while focusing on the teens’ project goals.

Opportunities exist to pick up additional hours working at weekend concerts and special events doing live sound and tech support. Opportunities may also exist to work additional hours with special projects doing recording work, recordings/ mixing for Youth Owned Records projects, and contracted clients seeking recording time through the NZ.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities sought: - Excellent working knowledge of Protools 12, Logic X, Ableton Live - Excellent troubleshooting practices for music technology including live sound and studio equipment. - Proficiency in recording techniques and practices across analog and digital domains. - Experience composing and producing original music - Experience with diverse populations of youth, adults and community groups - Knowledge or readiness to learn of positive youth development practices and best practices in youth-driven programs. - Strong organization skills with attention to detail and follow through.

Send resume to charlie@neutral-zone.org

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