Neutral Zone Job Description:
(updated March 1, 2019)

Position: Visual and Media Arts Coordinator
Department: Programs
Reports to: Program Director
Hours/Week: 40 hours weekly
Appointment: Non-exempt

Position Summary: Support the mission of the organization to offer visual arts programs and initiatives based on positive youth development practices, with an emphasis on diversity and youth-driven leadership. The Visual Arts Coordinator's essential functions focus on visual art & media arts program design, supports fund development, implementation, and reflection. The importance of youth-driven is put into practice through supporting a collective of youth to create and drive the programmatic opportunities.

Essential Functions:

Programs < 60% of time> – Responsible for a number of duties related to program design, implementation and evaluation including:

• Support the Visual Arts Collective to drive the art programs and support other leadership opportunities reflective of their interests.

• Oversee the artistic program opportunities – videography, computer app and design, and guest residencies.

• Develop and deliver curriculum and workshop activities to support visual arts department for school year and summer.

• Support the program evaluation through program observation for on-going quality assessment and providing documentation of art programs and special events through participation numbers, written descriptions and photos.

• Coordinate special youth-driven projects/events that highlight teen success such as Teen 24, Zone Hack Tech Challenge, & The Potential Exhibition, etc.

Community Outreach < 10% of time> – Responsible for a number of duties in teen recruitment and outreach, developing & maintaining community partnerships, marketing & public relations, and working with volunteers including:

• Respond to visual arts related community contacts including parents, community organizations, partners, and teens.

• Meet with community contacts related to visual arts programming to build and support organizational partnerships.

• Coordinate outreach for visual arts programs to teens and educators at local high schools.

• Ensure the development of visual arts programs including posters, flyers, web page, social media, press releases for local press and advertising.

• Support volunteers related to visual arts programs.

Fund Development and Finance: < 10% of time> – Responsible for supporting fundraising in partnership with Program Director through:

• Support efforts to fund raise for Visual Arts Programs by:

o Supporting relevant grant writing and reporting
o Supporting and planning program related fundraisers
o Strategizing new funding opportunities

• Track Visual Arts Program revenues and expenditures to correlate with program budget.

Administration: 20% of time> – Responsible for a number of administrative duties and organizational responsibilities, including:

• Participate in weekly program staff meetings & monthly staff trainings to support overall program operations.

• Maintain a well-organized art studio, order and inventory supplies, including internal technology lending, ie. cameras, tablets, & laptops.

• Oversee and support addition visual & media arts staff – ie. bi- weekly check-ins with the video production and Zone Hack advisor.

• Take photographs and video, as well as, graphic designing needs of programming and special events to document for social media, the Neutral Zone archives, web page, and other marketing needs.

• Help develop, support and track goals and objectives in program strategic planning process.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Knowledge of youth development practices.

• Knowledge and experience in program design and implementation.

• Knowledge of the visual arts programs especially within the digital arts based programming.

• Strong communication skills, including public speaking and writing.

• Ability to multi task, be flexible, and be adaptable.

• Experience with diverse populations of youth, adults, and community groups.

• Ability to build relationships with community leaders, educators, parents, and youth.

• Preferred understanding of digital media software programs including, but not limited to, Adobe Creative Suite’s Photoshop, Illustrator, & In Design

• Ability to fulfill professional responsibilities including:

o Punctuality
o Organization and Planning
o Strong follow-through

Education, Qualifications, Credentials and Experience

• Bachelor’s degree required

• Minimum of 2 years working as a community artist

All resumes and cover letters should be submitted to Suzie Staley by April 15th, 2019,


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