All Teens Belong at Neutral Zone

We mean it. To honor this commitment, we are not asking for program fees from teens or families this year. But to make this work, we are asking you to donate what you can.

Can your family make a donation to help make sure we can be here for every teen who walks through our doors?

Wondering how much to give?

Consider a donation of:

  • Whatever you can. Also, please tell us how we can help

  • $5-10/ month, or $60-$120/year

  • $10-20/month, or $120-240/year

  • $20-40/month, or $240-500/year

  • $40-90/month, or $500-1000/year

If this describes your family…

  • It is a struggle to afford what my kids need

  • It is sometimes tough to afford all my kids’ needs

  • I am able to give my kids what they need

  • I am able to provide extra opportunities for my kids (after-school programs, pool memberships, summer camps)

  • I am able to give my kids tremendous opportunities (travel, private lessons, individual tutoring/test prep)

In a position to do more? We’d love to talk. Please contact Amy at (734) 214-9995 ext.223 or amy@neutral-zone.org

Thank you for supporting our community’s young people!