New this year!

The Youth Commission does one thing — it works to make life better for teens in Washtenaw County.

Here’s how you’ll do that:

• Discuss and analyze youth issues in the community

• Educate other youth about important issues in their community

• Recommend changes and programs to the Board of Commissioners

You’ll need to be 13-18 years old, and living in Washtenaw County. The goal is to get 2 teens from each district.

Youth commissioners will meet monthly on Sundays from 1-4pm; transportation is available if you need it. This year’s dates: 9/29, 10/20, 12/15, 1/12, 2/23, 3/22, 4/19, 5/17 and 6/7. Retreat: 11/23 – 24.

You’ll get a $25 stipend for each official meeting.


You can apply online HERE, or download the pdf application HERE to submit via email.

If you are considered for the 2nd round of interviews, they’ll happen via calls on Sunday, Sep 8th between 1-4pm. We will email you in advance.