Safe Sex and Rape Culture Education


Wednesdays 4-6 pm

In November 2017, teen Laila Pasha initiated a conversation to address a serious concern of the number of teens who experience sexual violence. Joined by her peers, she gathered 10-12 teens to meet weekly to talk about the root causes of sexual assault and harassment with the aim to process, confront, and prevent it for other teens. Now the teens of SARE (Safe sex And Rape culture Education) are leading a campaign through a series of special art and dialogue projects that addresses harm caused by sexual violence and aims to transform our culture to ensure every teen is safe. The Neutral Zone makes sure the organization’s training and practices are reflective of our teen efforts. As part of the campaign, the NZ will also launch staff and teen trainings to support knowledge of trauma when sexual violence occurs and create a taskforce to set new guidance for the organization to develop reflective practices and policies. Through peer education and youth-adult partnership, the goal is to increase awareness, change behaviors and build a culture of consent and healthy relationships.

Events Last Year

Healing Circle & Writing Workshop

Teen survivors of sexual assault and dating violence create a safe space to share their emotions and experience through discussion and creative writing. A social worker will be present.

Film & Dialogue

Teens watch the documentary “Beyond Beats & Rhymes,” followed by a community dialogue around oppressive language and the role of media in perpetuating sexual violence.

On the Table

Youth leaders host an inter-generational dinner dialogue where teens and adults brainstorm survivor-centered actions to dismantle rape culture. 

PSA Film Shoot

SARE teens will partner with Neutral Zone’s teen filmmakers to create powerful PSAs about rape culture and affirmative consent to share on social media. 

Culminating Show

This program culminates with a public event featuring live poetry, music, a screening of the PSAs and the release of a zine of survivors’ testimonies

If you would like more information about SARE, contact Molly Raynor at

Laila Pasha, teen founder of SARE, and her mom marching together at Ann Arbor’s “Stand In Solidarity with Survivors” protest.

Laila Pasha, teen founder of SARE, and her mom marching together at Ann Arbor’s “Stand In Solidarity with Survivors” protest.