Red Beard Press


4:00-5:30 PM

Red Beard Press was created in honor of Spencer Miles Kimball, a member of the NZ literary arts community who was lost too soon.

We are an independent, youth-driven publishing company dedicated to creating cutting-edge literary arts projects, publishing emerging voices, and inspiring passionate literary communities. We are the newest venture by Ann Arbor’s teen center. The Neutral Zone, under its Youth-Owned Enterprises. The teens who comprise Red Beard solicit submissions from authors, select a handful of writers to publish, design and create five books a year, market and distribute the books, as well as run literary events and readings to showcase their authors.

We are wildly ambitious group of teens who believe we can improve literacy rates by introducing writers we love and books we create to our peers. Call us idealistic, but we believe in the power of words and stories, and we strive to have the voices of our generation heard.