Italian Pizza vs. Pasta Throwdown!!

For our April class, Thursday the 11th, we will be pitting two iconic Italian dishes against each other for the title of all-time favorite Italian dish.


We will share tips for stretching pizza dough, baking pizza in a home oven, cooking pasta, making sauce, and what toppings to turn to for healthy & balanced flavors.

Which dish will reign supreme???


Seemed like both pasta and pizza had a fair chance at the start…


Chef Emil seemed unsure… ;)


We had A LOT of fun cooking personal pizzas and mounds of delicious pasta!!


In the end everyone agreed it was a tie. You can’t really put two iconic dishes head to head and not have both come out on top!!

This was our last cooking class for the school year. We will be starting our plot in a community garden mid May and also having a fundraising dinner May 30th.

For more info please email our program advisor Alex Alaniz at

Project GreeNZ Cooking Class

Indian Essentials: March 14th

By Chef Emil Boch

Come by and learn how to make some iconic Indian dishes such as chicken tikka masala, potato samosas, dal mahkni, Kashmiri biryani rice, and mango lassi!


We will go over the flavors and commonly used spices in Indian cuisine, and have everything you need to create a delicious and balanced meal, that’s easy to make ahead of time and re-heat later.


Learn how to make samosas at home with ingredients you can find at any supermarket…


And chill the chili peppers down with a yogurt-based mango lassi for dessert!


UPDATE: we had an amazing time, created super tasty versions of the recipes linked above, and are looking forward to the next class: Pizza!