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Involving Stakeholders that Matter Most: Students in School Reform

Over four years the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) led efforts across the state to implement the Safe and Supportive Schools (S3) initiative. This federally funded school reform effort targeted the 22 lowest performing high schools in Michigan. This article provides an overview of Neutral Zone’s “youth driven spaces” (YDS) model and its implementation to help support student voice across 19 schools that were part of the S3 school reform effort.


What’s so Important about being Youth Driven?

Read more about the benefits of a youth-driven space, as featured in  spring 2016 issue of After School Today.


White Paper

Over the past decade, communities across the country have come to understand that out-of-school-time “spaces” can have significant impact on the positive development of youth across social, emotional, and cognitive realms. Participation in organized, non-school activities can enhance academic, social, emotional, civic, and health outcomes, and reduce risk behaviors.  Read more…..

White Paper on Youth Voice and Leadership



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